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Cupid Dating

Cupid, in the Roman mythology, is a Roman god of love, and he is the son of Venus portrayed by a young boy having wings and carrying a bow and arrow. Cupid dating refers to the ability to hit and win any lady’s love at first attempt without taking the long process before getting your goal.

Many a man has a difficulty in expressing their feelings to the girls of their dream and getting along with ladies during their dates. Nothing is as frustrating as not being able to get to a woman’s heart and get her give you her love. It is a devastating state in a man’s life.

Just like the bow and arrow in the hands of Cupid, you will be able to hit your target lady and pierce an arrow of love into her heart effortlessly. The bow and arrow are the secret tips and dating techniques you need to break the walls of defense your dream girl may surround herself with and have her run to you. Therefore, cupid dating entails an all-encompassing technique that can make you win the love of any lady at first dating.

cupid dating

Cupid Dating- The Secret Tips and Dating Techniques

1. Create an Irresistible First Impression

If you fail to create an awesome first impression, there is a high possibility that you will not win the attention of any lady. To achieve this, you must have in your arsenal the following: a. Confidence: First realize that the woman in question is a human being like you; therefore, you should not freak out when you are meeting her. Exude with confidence and you have won the game by 50% before it even starts. There is nothing that women detest more than cowardice in men.

b. A Sense of Humor: She is already overwhelmed by life’s challenges, she does not want you to add to it. Therefore, create a funny and exhilarating atmosphere to make her smile and laugh off the stress. You know what? Women love men that make them laugh. Learn to be humorous.

c. Cheerful Personality: Nobody cares about what you have experienced or what you are passing through; therefore, do not wear them on your face. Lead a happy life and people will love to stay around you. Women believe that it takes a cheerful man to cheer them on.

2. Bring On the Game

It should be emphasized that you need to be confident in yourself to proceed at this stage. To make it happen according to your dream, consider the tips below.

a. Be Tactical: Women respect men who are bold to express themselves irrespective of the status of the woman. Give it a thought how best to let out your feelings for that girl of your dream. You do not need to follow the regular pattern; be creative and be yourself.

b. Put up Little Acts: It is not always that you will be vocal about your love. There are other ways of communicating your affection to get to the heart of the woman. Send text messages, use emotion icons, send her cards, surprise her on her birthday, etc.

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c. Be Attentive: The best way to make a woman lose interest in you is by not being attentive to her when she is speaking. They always want their men to give listening ears to them when they have something to say. However, do not just listen, contribute positively to the discussion and make her calm down if she is disturbed. You will be a go-to fellow for her always.

d. Compliment Her: Be sincere and lavish compliments on her. If she looks pretty in a picture, attire, etc. let her know; do not be thrifty in showering praises on her. And if she deserves to be corrected, do it in a subtle way by offering a suggestion. She would get your message and appreciate you for it.

Having the knowledge of cupid dating will take your dating experience to a whole new and exciting level; you will never be the same again. It is the greatest secrets of dating that will transform you into a love-ready man and help to increase your chances of finding your dream relationship. However, to learn more, visit

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